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Web Design Brief

Why Write a Brief for your Website?

You need to correctly formulate and document what you want your website to achieve. You will also need to select a supplier who is able to offer the best value for your money whilst being capable of delivering to your specifications.
To achieve this effectively you will need to write a Brief.

What is a Brief?

A Brief is a document that tells us what you are looking for, what you wish to achieve, what market and audience you are targeting and any other related information. The results of producing this document should allow you find out what solution we can propose, how much it will cost and how long it will take.

The Brief can cover 5 page web sites or fully integrated systems with Shopping Carts, Databases and Content Management Systems. (CMS)

The web design contract will be based on the Brief that is supplied. It is therefore vital that you provide as much information as possible.

Stage 1

Review sites on the Internet that are in a similar industry to your own carefully and document your preferences and your dislikes.

Stage 2

Write your proposal clearly and concisely. Provide an introduction telling us your basic information, such as who you are and what you do. Ambiguity in your requirements may lead to anomalies and an increase in charges during the project.

Stage 3

This is the most important part of your document and should be clear, concise and concentrate on the key objectives you wish to achieve.

Where possible list as much as information as you can which you believe may be needed to run your website including some or all of the following:

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Hosting
  • Approximate number of pages
  • Approximate number of images
  • Image configuration requirements
  • Approximate number of categories, sub categories etc
  • Database requirements
  • Content management system (CMS) requirements
  • SSL requirements
  • Online payment systems
  • Password protected areas
  • Search engine promotion and submissions

For instance do you require PDF documents?
Will they be provided to us complete and ready for Internet use or do you wish us to provide this service including the preparation of PDF’s from other types of documents?

When required, full details can be discussed in more depth before a quotation is supplied.

Supporting Information

Tell us if you have or do not have a company logo.

Supply us with your corporate identity information including any brochures or marketing information.

Supply us with a list of your competitors. This can provide us with valuable information and help appraise your requirements.


We are approached by many potential clients asking us “How much is a website?”

Without a written Brief of the client’s requirements and expectations it is difficult to provide any form of quotation.

Writing a Brief of your requirements will help you formulate a plan for your website and help us provide you with a detailed and cost effective quotation.

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