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Most people who use the Internet use search engines or directories to find the information they require.
It is therefore, paramount that your prospective and current clients find your information in the first few pages of these results.

Search Engine technology is sophisticated and continually updated in an attempt to provide relevant results.

Search engines use robots (spiders) to crawl and review specific information contained within each page. Incorrectly configured pages will not obtain good listings.

Paid For Inclusion: PPC, PFI, Adwords etc

If required we can advise and assist with paid inclusion programmes for the main search engines, Yahoo and Google for your required key phrases.

Service Online Ltd cannot guarantee inclusion or position within any search engine. Companies who "promise" to give this service should be treated with extreme caution, as badly presented and optimised sites can contravene the search engine "Terms and Conditions" thereby causing a web site to be banned completely.

Service Online Ltd have successfully supported client's requirements for generic listings in search engines.
The following are examples of current client listings:

Search for Gig Guide
No 1 on Google out of 3.3 million results
No 1 on Bing out of 13 million results
Web Site Gig Guide

Search for Parrots
No 5 on Google out of 20 million results
No10 on Bing out of 7.1 million results
Web Site The Parrot Society UK

Search for rambling and walking
No 2 on Google out of 1.5 million results
No 2 on Bing out of 4.5 million results
Web Site Rambling Clubs

We advise and support all client's specific requirements.

Search Engine Terms and Conditions

It is important that all clients read the information supplied by the following search engines in order to understand how they operate and why Services Online Ltd cannot be held responsible for any irregularities in listings.

Please visit the following pages for full information:

Bing Search:
Terms & Conditions

N.B. Due to the technology associated with search engines and the ever changing search results, Services Online Ltd cannot guarantee any client listings.

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