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Services Online Ltd Support System for Office Closures

Should you require urgent hosting support whilst our offices are closed please choose one of the following services:

New Support System

Should you require urgent hosting support during our closure period please use the following procedures and/or ticket support system:

Email Failure

If your email stops working please check if you can see your website.

a) If you cannot see your website please go to and make a note of your IP Address.
Then please go to our dedicated support company at and sign up for their support system by completing all fields in the short form and explaining the problem you are having together with your IP Address and your contact telephone number.

N.B. Register with a personal email address, not the email address that is not working.
You cannot register for support if you have no email address as verification is required.

WFA Support will respond to you by telephone or email as soon as possible.

b) If you can see your website but your email is not working then contact your dedicated IT support company and ask them to check all your email set-ups using the Customer Information Sheet (CIS) already proved to you by us. (The most common cause of email failure is security updates to your devices) Your IT company can find additional support information on email set-up by logging in to your webmail at yourdomainname/webmail with the email address and password supplied by us in your CIS
If you do not have an IT support company then contact WFA Support at who will be pleased to supply IT services direct to you.
They will advise their charges and the best procedures to complete any required work, including remote support.

N.B. Services Online Ltd are not responsible for clients’ hardware and software applications. We advise that you engage the services of a dedicated IT support company for all business systems.

Use of Support Ticket System

The ticket system supplied by WFA Support at is a simple set up to provide support to our clients whilst our offices are closed.
Once set up is complete you can access the ticket system regularly for updates from the support team using the supplied user-name and password sent to you when setting up.
We advise that once an account has been set up, all requests for assistance use the ticket system only, as this gives time-stamped and documented information to ensure all parties have a way to review current and past support requests.

Alternative Support

If you are unable to complete a support ticket please send an email to from a personal/generic email address, I.E. Hotmail or Google with full information as above.

WFA Support will respond to you as soon as possible.

Server Down

Servers are occasionally subject to failure just as any other electrical or mechanical product.

Should our server fail or the data centre have difficulties, rest assured our hosting support team and WFA support will almost certainly know about it before you do and will be working towards a solution.

Emergency Support:

Please send a text message with your contact details and the problem your are having to 01908 915547.

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